Friday, June 25, 2010

Phony Band Names

One of the best things about trying to form a band is coming up with a name for your new outfit. How can you convey the message, the essence of your band in just a few characters? Sex Pistols. Minor Threat. Abba. These names tell you right up front what is about to be blasted from the speakers. It's an art, really, finding a perfect circle. I mean, match.

I've long since given up on playing music, though I love it dearly. But I still like coming up with band names. So here are some imaginary bands I've played air-drums in:

The Sweaty Bridesmaids

May Babies

The Greasy Pelican

Kung Fu Sally

Black Seagulls

Little Yarmulke

Sturm Und Drang

Vuvuzela Rhapsody

Horndog Waggle


Picture Perfect Cunt

This Is Not A Fugazi Tshirt Band

Captain Organ

Sell Me A Car, Commercial

Desktop Microphone

Coffee Shop Laptop Writer

Honey Suck It

My Phone Says A Lot About Me

Mini Skort

Sex Pistils

Iraq Band (get it?!?)

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