Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Robot Haiku

I was talking with Cat, my roommate, one evening about our individual creative writing endeavors, and we both expressed a desire to be more active in our pursuits. And for some reason, we decided that on tomorrow's lunch break, we would text some sort of modern day equivalent of exquisite corpse to each other in an effort to perhaps jump start something creative.

Somehow we agreed later to write haiku about robots. What follows is a record of what transpired.

Me: Robot haikuathon in 321
Fri 12:27

Me: Ev'ry day, welding
Car frames. Endless drudgery.
Must kill all humans.
Fri 12:31

Me: Motherboard, my heart.
Electrons stand in for blood.
I just want to dance.
Fri 12:33

Me: Rover stuck on Mars.
My cousin on Jeopardy!
So very lonely.
Fri. 12:35

Cat: Automated
Phone sex hotline voices.
R2D2 blows.
Fri 12:36

Me: So many zeros
And ones. I lose count sometimes.
Teach me how to love.
Fri 12:38

Cat: Scrap metal insides
My soul is a junkyard dog
Chasing after Ray
Fri 12:42

Me: Add, subtract, divide,
Multiply. An abacus
Was my ancestor.
Fri 12:46

Cat: Your poems flow like
A river of electric waves.
Robotic bard, you win.
Fri 12:51

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