Friday, July 18, 2008

Knock Knock

Tweedle Dee: Knock Knock...

Tweedle Dum: Who's there?

Tweedle Dee: Attention Deficit Disorder.

Tweedle Dum: Attention Deficit Disorder who?

Tweedle Dee: I like ponies!

I really don't know if I made that up or heard it somewhere. If I did make it up, feel free to use my stupid knock knock joke.

My pal Genghis sent me this one:

Tweedle Dee: Knock Knock...

Tweedle Dum: Who's there?

Tweedle Dee: September 11th

Tweedle Dum: September 11th who?

Tweedle Dee: You said you'd never forget... :(

Okay, maybe I'm not the knock knock joke master-craftsman I think I am. So here's some pictures from my recent trip to NYC.

Keller and me at the Heavy Metal Bar. Despite the look on my face, I'm having a blast. That's my air-drumming face.

The 2008 Mermaid Parade at Coney Island.

My new Second Favorite Person Ever:

The girl sitting on the top front of the bus was gracious enough to show the crowd her vagina. Twice. Maybe more, but I was only lucky enough to see it twice.

Now, I love vagina and all, but I need to be prepared to see a vagina to appreciate it in all of its wonder and glory. Surprise vagina is just that: Surprising. Had she informed me in advance of the Vagina Show, I could appreciate it a little more, perhaps. As it was, I was a little grossed out. Sorry, ladies.

My new Favorite Person Ever:

Olafur Eliasson show at MoMA:

The wall of moss was very cool. If you turned your ear to it, it absorbed all the sound from the room. A creepy yet exciting experience:

The show continued at PS1:

I was stealthy enough to get a few shots of this piece:

I forget who this artist is, but this is the point at which I got yelled at for taking pictures:

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